At Chieftain Trucking & Excavating, no demo job is too big or too small for us to handle.

We are an area leader in the safety and efficiency of building demolition.


Safety is the name of the game. Without an immaculate record of safety and thorough protocol, we would not be who we are today.


Completing our work in 100% safe conditions is our first and primary objective.



As the economy continues to grow, Chieftain Trucking & Excavating remains at the forefront of development and expansion in our communities.


We have been one of the leading companies in site development in the  Northeast, OH area for over a decade.  

History of Chieftain

John A. Joseph (pictured left) founded Chieftain Trucking in 1958. While he built Chieftain into a successful trucking enterprise, they were forced to close their doors for good shortly after Mr. Joseph's death in 1980.  In 1992, in order to pay homage to their late grandfather, Eileen and Betty Martin adopted the 'Chieftain' banner and created their own company; Chieftain Trucking & Excavating. Since its inception in the early 1990's, Chieftain Trucking & Excavating has

been focusing on customer relationships and quality work. Through this commitment, Chieftain Trucking & Excavating has grown into one of the most well respected construction firms in the Northeast, Ohio area.

When you choose a trucking solution, you also need to have the reliability and motivation to keep the job rolling.


Chieftain Trucking & Excavating has you covered. All of our trucks are well maintained and serviced to provide the consistency and speed to get the job done.